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Welcome to the WCB Ministry and Ministry Center


Webster-Claiborne and Bienville Associations are composed of 60 churches committed to reaching our world for Christ. The Great Commission appearing below, taken from Matthew 28:18-20, provides our orders. We seek to obey our Lord's command thus introducing our world to Jesus Christ

Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:18-20  NIV

Our churches are both different and the same. While one church is found at the end of a beautiful, winding, country lane, another is found on main street in the center of town. Some are small, others large. Some are filled with "city-folk", the others filled with "country-folk". Although different in many ways, they are all committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to bring our world to Him.

Thirty-five churches in Webster and Claiborne parishes form the Webster-Claiborne Association. Twenty-five churches in Bienville parish form the Bienville Association. While these two associations have their own officers and ministries, they also share many cooperative ministries as well. The common thread that brings these churches together is the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is a voluntary giving program in which churches combine their strengths to support mission causes around the world. Together these churches support missions through the North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Louisiana Baptist Convention, and local Associational Missions.


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Please calendar these events. Call Bro. Randy for more information.


Oct. 5 - Bienville Baptist Association Annual Meeting will be held at Pine Grove Baptist Church, Castor. Meeting will begin at 5PM

Oct. 18 – Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association Annual Meeting at Camp Harris. Meeting will begin at 5PM.

Oct. 15 – January Bible Study at Camp Harris studying 1,2,3 John. Dr. Argile Smith NOBTS Professor, will be the instructor and he is an excellent teacher, preacher and conference leader. Breakfast will be served at 8:30, conference will be from 9-5.

Disaster Relief Updates:

Please continue to use our website at wcbcenter.com and check on Disaster Relief updates for most recent requests and opportunities for service.

Covid 19:

Margaret and I completed our quarantine this week. We both tested positive and took 16 days off to recuperate. We only had light fever and fatigue. We credit our health to God’s grace and healing.

Our churches are now in phase 3. Please continue to take proper precautions, call us if you need any guidance in proper protocols.

Webster-Claiborne & Bienville
Missions and Ministry Center
Dr. Randy R. Hales, Director of Missions
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Calendar events

1. Annual Associational Meetings 5 pm. Abbreviated meetings.
       Bienville Baptist Association at Pine Grove October 5.
       Webster-Claiborne at Camp Harris October 18.
2. January Bible Study Workshop Thursday October 15 at Harris 9 am.
3. Annual Church Profiles are due now. Contact Jeanne if you need guidance in filing these.

Hurricane News

* Hurricane relief in Louisiana is going to be long term. The needs are great and the response will be varied and constantly changing. Please go to our website at wcbcenter.com and click on the disaster relief update site. Especially note the churches helping churches tab. Churches can partner with others to help them.
•Call us if you need help coordinating a response.

I have a list of churches in South Louisiana that could use a partner church to pull alongside them during this time. Call us for an updated list.

I also encourage you to consider taking up an offering to assist Disaster Relief efforts. Choose the best method for your church. Below are a few avenues to give.
       1. Georgia Barnette – much of it will help churches damaged and provide relief for others. Send this through the regular Georgia Barnette offering being taken up now.
       2. Through your Associations – you can mark checks to us as Disaster Relief and we will get it where it is needed most. Make checks to Bienville or to Webster-Claiborne Baptist association memo line and write Disaster Relief.
       3. Rolling Hills Disaster Relief. You can give on line or send a check to us and on memo line write Rolling Hills Disaster Relief.
       4. Or you can log on at   louisianabaptists.org   and give there.


We have entered Phase 3. If your church has questions about protocols for safely meeting, please call. Please continue to take precautions even under Phase 3. Margaret and I have been taking precautions, trying to limit our exposure, but both of us have contracted Covid and have been in self quarantine as we get over it. The treatments and prayers have helped us have only a mild case. Please remember it is still active and vulnerable people can be exposed. We will be in quarantine until at least September 21. You can call my office at 377-3005 and the calls will be forwarded to me.

Our churches are more important than ever before during this chaotic year. People are stressed, lost, and living under fear and defeat. We have hope to offer our world. Opportunities for you to offer compassion and hope abound. Please join me in praying and working to lift Christ high.

God bless,
Bro. Randy



Disaster Relief Update

Deridder and Lake Charles areas are totally devastated. The disaster relief efforts will be long term. Call me if you need help making connections to offer assistance.

Bro. Randy

This list can be seen on our website at wcbcenter.com and follow the Disaster Relief Updates link. This site will be updated as needs and requests change. You can also write a check to Bienville Baptist Association or to Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association designated for Disaster Relief.

Non-perishable snacks
6 penny nails
Hygiene kits
Sanitary wipes
Feminine products
1 gallon pump sprayers
Bleach-1/2 gallon
5 gallon buckets
Brushes for cleaning
Rubber gloves
Hand sanitizer
Lysol or Pine-sol
Bottled water

Drop off locations
   · First Baptist Lafayette, First Baptist Berwick, Trinity Baptist Church, Lake Charles, Rolling Hills Ministries in Ruston, District 8 office in Natchitoches, Louisiana Baptist Building in Alexandria
   · Bienville & Webster-Claiborne Baptist Mission Center in Minden has a 5x10 box trailer and an 8x12 storage building available, please call 377-3005 to arrange drop off at this location.



Dear Fellow Servants,

The hurricane has left many opportunities to be served and to serve.  I have a Zoom Director of Missions meeting with my partners in ministry this afternoon.  I will have a clearer idea of needs and needed volunteers and resources at that time.  I will be sending out e-blasts and posting to wcbcenter.com  any updates.  Do not start sending supplies down South until we get the green light to do so. T hey have limited space to store supplies and no infrastructure to support big numbers.  This will all change quickly and then we will be able to respond.

I do encourage you to consider taking up an offering:
  1. Georgia Barnette – much of it will help churches damaged and provide relief for others.
  2. For our Associations – you can mark checks to us as Disaster Relief and we will get it where it is needed most.
  3. Rolling Hills Disaster Relief   rollinghillsministries.com ,
  4. Or you can log on at  louisianabaptists.org  and even give there.

Please stay tuned for up to date needs and requests.

God Bless,
Bro. Randy




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