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Webster-Claiborne and Bienville Baptist Associations' Missions & Ministry Center provides a central location through which Southern Baptist work in our tri-parish area of North Louisiana can be coordinated. Our center not only provides an office for the Director of Missions, but also is a mission site and missions equipping center. Our goal is to equip churches for missions and ministry by offering resources to organize, train, and execute mission projects. Above all, our goal is to see people brought to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thirty-five churches in Webster and Claiborne Parishes form the Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association. Twenty-five churches and missions in Bienville Parish form the Bienville Association. While these two associations have their own officers and ministries, they also share many cooperative ministries that we support, such as three missions—two Hispanic and one Prison Fellowship.


Ministry Assistant - Jeanne Wiggins

Granberry Counselor - Amy Butler

Director of Missions  - Dr. Randy Hales




Our Ministries - Equipped for Missions & Ministry


Associational Leadership:

 The association director will work with churches to train church leaders.


 Bienville Baptist Association offers scholarships for students of Louisiana College or students of a SBC seminary. Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association offers scholarships for ministerial students attending a Southern Baptist college or seminary and a non-ministerial scholarship for a student attending a Baptist school through the Denise W. Howell Endowment.

Ministry Equipment:

 We have a luggage trailer and a party trailer that can be reserved by your church. It is equipped with a bounce house, pop corn, and snow cone machine.

Truck Stop Ministry:

 A lay chaplain and volunteers place Bibles and tracts in local truck stops. Churches and individuals often donate Bibles and give gifts in honor or in memory of loved ones. Some mission groups provide goodie bags for truckers on special holidays.


Ethnic Ministry:

 Cristo es la Roca meets in Bryceland and Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida meets in Athens.

 Other mission sites in our tri-parish area are supported by both Associations and individual churches.

Prison Ministry:

 Volunteers minister to prisoners in Bienville, Claiborne, and Webster Parishes. The Free on the Inside Bible, which helps prisoners break the chains of guilt, anger, and hopelessness, is available through the ministry.

Granberry Counseling Center:

The Granberry Counseling Center is a ministry of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, and it provides affordable, professional, Christian counseling to individuals, couples, and families. To help one overcome life’s greatest challenges, a counselor is at the Missions and Ministry Center two days a week. To schedule an appointment, call 318-773-5539 or 1-877-345-7411.

Cowboy Fellowship:

The Cowboy Fellowship provides  worship and Christian fellowship.  It is a ministry to “ranch” style people. Check Newsletter for meeting times, trail rides and services.


Partnership Ministries:

Partnership Ministries are funded by direct gifts from churches in our associations to the Missions & Ministry Center. We encourage mission teams from our churches to help these partners with their ministry.

Encontro Portugal:  Bro. Randy leads an Easter mission trip working with children through local missionaries. Donations and volunteers are appreciated.

LA Reach Haiti:  We have a partnership with the children’s home in Haiti. Contact us for information about mission trips and donations.

Native American partnership with I Am Able Ministries:  We often assist this ministry in reaching our Native American population.

Prison Work in Arcadia:  We partner with FBC, Arcadia in a ministry to prisoners at Second Chance Church.

Mission Grants:  We provide $500 as seed money to churches desiring to partner with other churches for a mission trip.

Kingdom Builders:  We work to provide volunteer carpenters to build mission and church projects


Association Missions Emphasis Week


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