Disaster Relief 


Our Disaster Relief Support Trailer

The Webster-Claiborne and Bienville disaster relief efforts include a support trailer.
These units are ready to roll in the event of a disaster.

We are ready to deploy our Disaster Relief Units to needed areas. Stay tuned for updates. Your gifts, time, and prayers are needed and appreciated.







Donation Steps:

1. For Evacuees: (NO CLOTHES). A suggested list is below and will be posted on our website. Louisianabaptists.org

2. For Recovery:  Mudout supplies

3. Financial. You may give directly through the Louisianabaptists.org web site or to the Rolling Hills website or mail a check to the LBC or our association, or Rolling Hills. Make sure you make out your check to LBC, or Bienville Baptist Association, or Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association, or Rolling Hills then on the memo line state Disaster Relief. We will forward any gifts that come to us through Rolling Hills or through Louisiana Baptists.



Rolling Hills Ministries



Volunteer Training




Donations For Evacuees:

Suggested List of Donations:

Basic Toiletries
Air mattresses
Toilet paper
Basic medical supplies
Styrofoam Cups
Snack Food
Gatorade, Powerade, etc
Paper Towels
Plastic Forks, Spoons, and Knifes
Medium Duty Type Gloves
Band-Aids & Neosporin
Paper Plates
Apples, oranges, bananas (Need to be separated and sent quickly to prevent from spoiling)
Laundry Detergent
Hand Wipes
Bug Spray and Sunscreen
Ziplock Bags (sandwiches)
Paper Bags
Hand Soap



Donations For Recovery:

Mud-out Supply List

Rubber Gloves
Dust Mask
Water Nozzle
Measuring Tape
Batteries for Flashlights
Utility Knife
Chalk Line
First Aid Ointment
Band aids
2 Quart Clorox
Hydrogen Peroxide
Wash clothes
Ziplock bags 



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