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Track One

This track utilizes tools that are being used all over America. They are effective in both evangelism and short-term follow-up with new believers.

Good News For You  (English and Spanish)

This is a seven-week Bible study that can be self-directed, conducted as a small group study, or one-on-one. The book contains lessons driven by questions with answers coming directly from the Bible. All Bible passages are provided in the book so this tool can be used anytime, anywhere. The lessons are a systematic teaching of the Gospel and provide an opportunity for Salvation within the study.

The lessons are:

Man’s Problem: Why do I do the things I do?
God’s Solution: Why God does what He does?
Man’s Response: How can I know the truth?
A Man Who Wanted New Life: A new start-Nicodemus
The Only Way To Heaven: Are we all going to the same place?
The Bridge of Life: Getting the Big Picture
The Road to Life: You have to give it up and completely trust Him!


What are others saying about this tool?

“Men on death row have studied these lessons and found new hope. Small groups, families, Sunday school classes and individuals have found this study to be helpful.”
  Dr. Charles Brock
  Neosho, Missouri

“I have given this red book to people all over Red River Parish and God is bringing them to Christ as they read it and the Holy Spirit convicts their hearts. It has truly been a blessing of the Lord to utilize the red books. There are several stories, but thus far my favorite is a young lady who accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. The next time I saw her, she requested another one for her fiancée. Then, I gave her 10 books to pass out as well! Richard Carey from our church taught the Red Book in discipleship training on Sunday evenings. For the last several weeks, he and I have gone once a week distributing them. Recently we gave 2, shared testimony, the gospel, and prayed with these 2 fellows. We are already planning follow up. I strongly recommend churches using these as part of their evangelism ministry in their churches. It truly is an exceptional way to get folks to have an opportunity to hear about the Gospel. ”
  Rev. Richard Kaufman
  Martin Baptist Church

“We use these booklets each week in our GROW outreach and people are receptive and being transformed. The Redbooks are a vital part of our evangelistic teams (GROW) here at FBC Castor in two ways. 1)They have helped arm our people with the knowledge and confidence needed to share the Gospel. 2) It is a tool in their hand at each visit to use and give away, so that each person or persons visited can see the Gospel for their self. ”
  Rev. Preston Young
  First Baptist, Castor


The Good News For You books come in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc.) The best part is they are only $1.00 each! Currently we have the Red books available at the Associational office.

If additional Bible studies are needed to help expose the lost to the truth, you can continue with the following downloads below:

Creation to Christ Lessons (Download-pdf)

Seven Stories of Hope Lessons (Download-pdf)

Who is Jesus Christ (Download-English-pdf)  (Download-Spanish-pdf)


Once a person has become a believer in Christ, there are tools that follow a similar format to help them continue spiritual growth and development.


Immediate Follow-up

I Have Been Born Again, What Next?  (English and Spanish)

This booklet is designed for use in a one-on-one setting or group setting. It’s designed to be read and discussed so it is important that others are involved. Each chapter is designed to help a new believer grasp their new life in Christ and to build into their spiritual DNA the critical truths that will sustain them throughout their spiritual walk. The lessons are designed to be read and then a series of discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter.

The lessons include:

A New Nature
A New Power-the Holy Spirit
A New Guide-the Bible
A New Privilege – Prayer
A New Hope
New Relationships
A New Understanding of Baptism
A New Family-the Church
A New Reminder-the Lord’s Supper
A New Opportunity-tithing
New Responsibilities-Spread the Good News


Some churches use this book as a tool for a New Members Class. Others use it for a disciple-mentoring group. It contains the basics that every believer needs for a clear understanding of their new life in Christ. This tool is $3.00 and can be purchased at:


More short-term growth tools:


Beginning Steps

This booklet can be used over the course of seven days or one chapter a week for seven weeks. This will enable you to walk alongside a new believer and help them understand the practical application of the materials.

Available from NAMB's site for $0.95 -

A great personal study guide for new Christians after they make their profession of faith. Study workbook provides answers to common questions, helps new Christians establish a daily Bible study plan, and encourages new Christians with the Word of God. Choose from either NIV or Spanish editions.


New Life In Christ - Volume 2

This lesson series allows you to walk with the new believer through a series of 15 lessons ranging from forgiveness, holiness, stewardship, spiritual warfare and the armor of God. These lessons are free at  Click on English and scroll down to the document.

Download:   NewLife-InChrist-Vol2.pdf       NewLife-Spanish-Vol2.pdf


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